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Cedar roofing materials come in a variety of thickness, style, and treatments. The most common is the split shake. Its rough natural appearance, coupled with its nature resistance to the elements, makes it a favorite with architects and homeowners alike.


Cedar shingles were the original choice for roofing in Western Washington because of the smooth surfaces and clean lines Most of the homes built in Seattle had a cedar shingle roof.


Our Process


Before any power washing is performed your cedar roof is treated with a weathered wood restorer. This product counteracts the weathering process by eliminating dirt, fungus, and discoloration of the cedar. Using pressured water alone to clean the wood could require dangerous amounts of pressure which could cause damage to healthy wood. Along with the wood restorer a thorough power washing removes dirt, mildew, mold and dead wood fibers bringing the roof back to a rich "new" wood appearance. This step is essential for the wood to successfully absorb the preservatives. The power clean step is not necessary with newly installed roofs (generally up to 18 months of age).


The application of Penofin® wood preservatives designed for cedar shake and shingles. Penofin® gives complete protection against moisture and sunlight and helps protect your roof from cupping, curling, cracking, and splitting. We offer natural cedar shades to chose from ranging from Cedartone to Weathered Gray.


The cedar roof transformation is complete and the wood shingle roof is now protected from both moisture and sunlight. Re-coat cycles are recommended every six years for both weathered gray and nantucket gray and every five years for cedartone.


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