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Residential Maintenance Services


Interior and Exterior Painting

A quality paint job not only looks great, but can also maintain the value of your home and reduce costly, preventative repairs. To ensure you receive the highest quality paint job, All Phase employees have extensive product knowledge, access to industry experts, and training in manufacturer recommended techniques. Our process keeps you updated throughout the job with work schedules and regular communication. Plus, resources are devoted exclusively to completing your job in a timely manner to minimize as much disruption as possible. You'll have peace of mind knowing All Phase is reliable, timely and honest. With a satisfaction guarantee and final payment not due until client approval, there is no risk in choosing All Phase.


Siding Cleaning

Siding cleaning is an important step in maintaining your home. Regular pressure washing kills the mold and algae spores that deteriorate paint. Proper cleaning can add 5 to 10 years to the life of your paint, thereby protecting your home's value and satisfying paint manufacturer's warranty requirements. Every substrate is different and our years of experience have shown us how to employ proper techniques to minimize wear and water intrusion on a variety of products including vinyl, cedar, hardwood, and composite. We take great care in protecting your property like our own.


Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters protect your home's foundation from costly water damage. Ensure your home stays dry, the downspouts stay clear, and avoid any accidents by hiring our trained professionals to do the work.


Flatwork Cleaning

Maximize the life of your concrete with regular cleaning and sealing. All Phase uses specially designed surface scrubbers that clean your concrete gently, thereby minimizing erosion.


Roof Cleaning and Repairs

The roof is your home's first line of defense against the elements. Let our experienced, professional staff educate you on the best cleaning program to protect your roof. Our initial on-site evaluation allows us to accurately and honestly tell you if we can safely clean your roof or if it requires repairs or replacement. Through use of our high-volume, low-pressure (1400-1800 psi) industry standard machines, we can avoid damage and safely clean all substrates including cedar shakes, composition, and tile roofs.


Roof Treatments

Treatment programs and yearly roof-blow-offs are another important step in protecting the life of your roof thereby saving you thousands in costly repairs or replacement. Protective treatments not only prevent moss and fungal growth, but also provide protection from harmful UV rays and moisture penetration. All Phase offers a range of clear and colored cedar treatments with warranties ranging from 2 to 5 years. We also offer various treatments for composition roofs.


Deck Restoration

Enjoy the look of a new deck without the expense of replacement. Our restoration process includes stripping any existing stain, sanding as necessary, brightening the wood, and finally treating your deck with Penofin. Penofin is a transparent Brazilian rosewood oil that penetrates deeply without leaving a surface film. It stands up to heavily trafficked areas and fades evenly, allowing the color to be reapplied with uniformity. As a certified Penofin Pro™ All Phase can make your deck look brand new.


Concrete and Asphalt Cleaning

Prevent cracking, staining, and UV damage by cleaning and sealing your concrete and asphalt. Sealing prevents water intrusion and erosion from oil stains, as well as moss and fungal growth that can weaken and destroy surfaces. In addition, sealing every 2 to 4 years makes annual cleaning easier and prevents costly premature substrate replacement. Deck Cleaning Safeguard the investment you made in your home by regularly cleaning your deck. A light surface clean can preserve existing stain while removing fungal growth. The experienced staff at All Phase provides exceptional deck cleaning, using techniques that avoid burning wood or raising wood grain.

Benefits of Working with Us


Our work is completed smoothly and with minimal disruption.

We provide you with a detailed work schedule and we stick to it. By communicating closely with you and devoting our resources to completing your job, we're able to finish the project in a timely manner.


We help you save money.

Thanks to our contractor partnerships, you can enjoy savings of between 15% and 20% off the cost of materials.


We've partnered with Sherwin Williams™,

an established manufacturer of premium paint, to provide you with outstanding products that keep your property in great condition. Quality paint lasts longer, cutting your maintenance costs in half and protecting your home for years to come.


Satisfaction guaranteed!

At All Phase Pressure Washing and Painting, your final payment is not due until you give the project your complete approval. Because our aim is customer satisfaction, you never run the risk of paying for services that don't meet your standards.


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